Invisible Signs

Rehearsal Sneak Peak

bREYDE bENTLEY and I improvising to Touch The Sun.

Promo Video

This is a quick video I pieced together using random footage I’ve recorded at different times. Inspired mainly by breakdancing and parkour.

New Sight

The thing I like best about this song is how little kids like to sing it! It’s a song about giving up self¬†destructive¬†actions and making your life better.

Touch The Sun

The title track of my EP album! I love science fiction. I wanted to write something built on the concept of being at the center of the universe with everything that matters to me.

Open Air Beat

My brother & I got the idea to set up a little performance rig in the middle of the desert and make some music. Check it out!


I’ve written and produced music for years. I’ve always loved the sound of the piano and the guitar. However, I’ve especially been fascinated with composers who incorporate NEW sounds! Here’s my first attempt at non-traditional performance!