Six Demon Bag

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So, what is a Six Demon Bag? Many a sage has pondered this question.

Truth is, I have no freaking clue. In Big Trouble In Little China, Egg Shen just says it’s a bag that holds “wind, fire, all that kind of thing.”

Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about this. The other day I was messing around, trying to create some new sounds and I ended up writing this little phrase.

It’s nothing too significant or special. But it inspired me. There was something about it that I liked. It’s sounded kinda mysterious and dark. It reminded me of Big Trouble In Little China for some reason. More specifically, it reminded me of the part where the heroes discover the Six Demon Bag and drink the special medicine that gives them the ability to tear their enemies to shreds.

I like that idea.

Anyway, I’ve used this initial inspiration to flesh out a basic verse, chorus and some other parts. I’m happy with how it is turning out. I’m still bouncing around lyric ideas. Chinese wizardry? The Hell of the Upside Down Sinners? Standard love song? Still unsettled . . .

It would be hard to make it work, but, a part of me just feels that this song needs to be dedicated to all the great dark artists and Chinese black magicians of yore. They don’t get enough love.

The clip


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  1. Horace Grimshaw says:

    Remember that the chinese was hundreds (if not thousands of years) more advanced than the west for a long time. They invented such things as paper, modern sea travel and … of course their alchemists (which was considered to be black magic) discovered gun powder.

    I think there’s plenty to be inspired by with these real people to whom we owe a great debt to for our modern way of life.

    Btw — whatever you do, make sure the lyrics mention the “Black Blood of the Earth” …

  2. Haha, nice! You make a good point, though.

    As far as I recall, they discovered Black Blood of the Earth as well (which is different than oil). I believe that if the west would have utilized the mystical properties of the Black Blood in the same way the Chinese did, we wouldn’t be in our current energy crisis.

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