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December 30th, 2010 | By


Just like the Death Star, this website is now fully operational! Creating this site has reminded me that nobody can achieve anything truly worthwhile on their own. Even if you are writing a song by yourself, you still need another person who’s willing to listen and give feedback. The same goes if you are painting a picture, writing a book or anything else. The classic phrase “no man is an island” is definitely true! Think about it. How many people do you know who are in a career purely because of their own design? How many successful people never had a solid mentor, a talented friend or parent on whom they have depended for guidance, instruction or collaboration?

When Warner Brothers hires Hans Zimmer to write the music for Inception they don’t just hire Hans Zimmer, they hire Hans Zimmer’s team. He doesn’t conduct the orchestra. In fact, he doesn’t even orchestrate the orchestra! Take a look at the full movie credits for Inception and scroll down to the “Music Department” section to learn more. You’ll see the name of the conductor, the orchestrators, the additional music composer etc etc… Nobody can do great things without a network of great people.

This is my website and I’m the designer, but like anything else, it is mainly the product of an awesome group of people. My two older brothers are web and design gurus. My good friend is a professional photographer. Their combined talents completely destroy mine! I’m grateful for that particular network I have!

So, if your goal is to live a long, painful and unsatisfying life, I definitely recommend doing things by yourself. If you want to achieve your goals and enjoy the process along the way, I encourage you to start building a network of folks who are smarter and better than you are. I wish you luck!

Feel free to scour every corner of this website! Check out my music in the “downloads” menu, subscribe to my blog’s RSS feed, leave a comment and be sure to visit back! New content is constantly being added, like this short music video I uploaded last night…

Church Williams Music Video Promo

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