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January 10th, 2011 | By


Remember the show Reading Rainbow? The other day I spoke with the guy who wrote all the music for it, Steve Horelick.

Aside from scoring hundreds of hours of TV, he’s also considered one of the highest authorities for digital audio technology, specifically Logic Pro. In other words, the guy is a complete animal!

He had listened to my music and really liked it. It was a very cool thing to hear! I asked him some advice about touring and live performance. He’s performed in many types of settings and groups. He believes the best performances are those that are actually¬†interesting. Obviously, the music and emotion come first but it sure makes a performance cool to see Jimmy Hendrix play the guitar with his teeth or to watch Tom Morello turn his guitar into a full blown DJ sequencer! I couldn’t agree more.

Lately, I’ve teamed up with a fellow artist bREYDE bENTLEY and we have been doing some really cool and NEW stuff in terms of live performance. It’s super exciting! You will be hearing (and seeing) more of this as time unfolds, but suffice it to say that it is unlike anything most people have seen (including us!)

We both started out on traditional instruments as kids. bREYDE is a ridiculously good drummer and percussionist. I’m mainly a pianist and guitarist. The place where both of us cross paths is in the world of electronic music. We both love electronic music and we both produce it. Our goal as performers is to fuse traditional instrumentation (live piano, guitar, vocals, percussion, bass guitar etc) with completely new technology and instruments!

It is an act of dumb luck that somebody like bREYDE exists in the small town where I live. I’m super stoked that he’s willing to help me perform my music! Thanks to him, our live sets will be very compelling.

Our first performance is in February at Southern Utah University alongside Goodbye Nova and j.wride. Check back or subscribe to my twitter feed to learn the specific details as they unfold!!

Here are some pictures of the rehearsal space bREYDE and I use. Get ready to rock!!

To see more photos check out my Flickr account.

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2 Responses to “Live Performance Revolution!”

  1. Horace Grimshaw says:

    Awwww Yeeeeah!!!! I’ve been waiting for this for a while dude.

    I’m going to try to fly in from Miami to be there.

    When are you going to make your way here to Florida?

    • Ha! I may need a few warm-up shows before I make my way to Florida :) I’d like to perform there at some point though. That would be awesome if you made it over here to Utah. I hope to see you!

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