Inventing A New Kind Of Wheel

January 17th, 2011 | By


With a couple of rehearsals under our belts, bREYDE and I are quickly having to reinvent ourselves as performers.

When I used to rehearse for a gig I would either pick up my acoustic guitar and start strumming or sit down at the piano and hammer out some chords. Since all my arrangements consisted of guitar, piano, bass and drums, it wasn’t exactly rocket science to set everything up. Nowadays it’s a bit different.

Our first few practice sessions felt more like a science project than anything else. They were fun and interesting but mainly from a nerdy computer standpoint. We would get together, strategically connect all of our devices, keyboards, samplers and other equipment so that everything would be playable. Then, we’d spend the rest of the time troubleshooting all the minor problems that would occur.

It was frustrating because we couldn’t just get together and immediately start interacting musically. However, after lots of head scratching and reading technical manuals we have created an amazing setup that is incredibly musical. It’s finally reaching the point where we are just two guys jamming! I’m singing and doing a lot of improvisation on my piano while bREYDE is controlling all kinds of crazy things at once. It sounds AWESOME! Each song sounds a little bit different each time we perform it.

It’s how live music should be, flexible, and with room to move around musically. We’ve invented a new kind of wheel and that wheel is finally starting to spin! It’s exciting!

Download and listen to the songs we will be performing! Also, I will be posting new videos of us rehearsing very soon. Stay tuned!!

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  1. By the way, the picture in this post IS NOT of my specific performing rig. bREYDE and I primarily use digital equipment. It all does the same thing but the benefit for us is that there aren’t quite as many cables to route :)

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