Free Song For My Facebook Fans!

February 1st, 2011 | By


I’d like to thank ALL of you who have become fans of my Facebook page. You absolutely rock! I check my fans every night and I notice EACH and EVERY new person. There are people joining from all over the world. It’s beyond awesome!

Over 100 fans joined last week and it’s all because you guys have been recommending my page to friends and have been sharing my music on your walls. PLEASE keep doing this! I’m extremely gratefull for all of you!

There are millions of musicians screaming to be heard on the internet right now. Many of them have managers, labels and money to promote. Artists like me depend on you to SHARE our music. Strong word of mouth (or word of mouse as it’s sometimes called) is the only way we can build momentum. Friends telling friends is what fuels the engine.

So keep it up you guys! ┬áSend people my way and I’ll do my best to hook you up in return.

Last week I posted a video of us rehearsing┬áTouch The Sun in the studio. I’ve made the recording available as a free mp3 download because you’ve been so rad!

Thanks again!

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